How AI is transforming leadership in society

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How does complexity affect us as people and leaders? How can we use tech to help us thrive? To help us navigate through complexity? What can we learn from the past about dealing with rich data and complexity? What about the phenomenon of "luck"? Show more…

A picture designed by AI (Midjourney) won an art competition in Colorado. No, it was not purely „work“ of AI. Jason Allen, the author of the picture, generated hundreds of images before he chose the proper one. He also spent more than 80 hours making the picture perfect.

We are facing a new era.

An era where tech is capable of doing what we believed is only gifted to living beings – creative work.

But also an era where mankind is facing increasing levels of complexity. Complexity – a byproduct of the long process where we as mankind compile knowledge throughout history.

Recent technology has certainly contributed to the exponential increase in complexity we’re all experiencing. We believe it also offers massive opportunities that are largely untapped:

  • Accelerate leadership decisions in an interconnected complex world.
  • Augment human work and capabilities in areas beyond automation.
  • Simulate complex realities to better understand complex social behavior.
  • Gain insights from ‚hidden‘ data to identify unexplored opportunities.

What can I expect?

  • Leadership psychology by Ladana Edwards (Transformational Leadership and Corporate Shaman)
  • Academia / anthropology / historical perspective by Sara Polak (Archaeologist in AI and Cloud Civilisations researcher)
  • Tech / practical application by a soon-to-be-revealed international speaker

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