How to accelerate our journeys into the future? Futurescope is your tool for examining the future emerging through technological innovations and what it means for your job, your company and yourself.

Hosts: Luboš Malý and Martin Holečko.

“The future is already here, it’s just not very evenly distributed.”  (William Gibson)

Gone are the days when exponential technologies like 3D Printing, Augmented and Virtual Reality, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, hyperfast networks, Blockchain, and Quantum computers were mere science fiction. The research progresses fast and the business potential is rising… well, exponentially. Today, there are case studies, adoption assessments, training courses – simply all the resources needed available to take a leap. The biggest obstacle preventing us from doing so is thus often us – our old habits, stiff concepts, our fear of the unknown, preservation of status quo, and missing capabilities. That’s where Futurescope comes in to be your buddy on the journey of adopting emerging new tech. 

The program is divided into miniseries of 3 episodes, each focusing on one particular technology. We’ll always cover basic terminology and key milestones, and companies, entrepreneurs, researchers, and influencers in the field. With them we’ll look both at the history and current examples where the tech is already in practical use. Then you’ll get a look at the future of expected developments in the next 3-7 years. Finally, we’ll leave you off with practical advice and challenges to follow up on your own. 

Our promise is to take you through the basics and provide clear guidance on next steps so you understood where you are, what your ambitions could look like and how to get started.