Asklepios vs. AI

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Materiály doplňují a rozšiřují informace, které zazněly v tomto vysílání. Umožňují vám samostudium tématu do hloubky, pokud máte chuť a čas.

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AI in health. Haha. If we had a dollar for every time we heard this phrase, we’d have enough money to produce Red Button EDU programmes for free for the next 250 years. Show more…

‘AI’ is a sexy term, and is deployed in a truly ‘Deus Ex Machina’ way to often quickly dismiss any questions which are pouring in about ‘what the hell can we do to make sure COVID goes away, our healthcare system is resilient, and people don’t die’. But more often than not, these promises are empty, and even when they’re not, we come crashing against a barrier of lack of expertise, mistrust of technologies, bureaucracy, regulations, and most important of all – lack of data. Or lack of digitalised, quality, well-labelled and connected data, to be exact.

Why should I watch the episode?

Do you want to change the world? No, but seriously. Why wouldn’t you be able to? You have unprecedented technology at your fingertips. Nobody’s going to do it for you. Do you want to radically transform the area you’re most passionate about, be it education, health, ballet, travel, climate, looking after elderly dogs? There literally isn’t an area where some form of AI wouldn’t be able to help. Open your mind, educate yourself about latest technologies, and listen to world experts share their stories of changing status quo with the help of technology. It doesn’t have to be a Deus Ex Machina – the power to change the world can come from you and you alone.

What will be my take-home value?

  • Appreciation of multidisciplinarity
  • What AI is and isn’t
  • How widely AI can be applied and how it can radically change the world we live in
  • Status quo isn’t given
  • Chaos is good – it’s an opportunity

Who are the guests?

Tomáš Šebek

Tomáš Šebek is a co-founder of virtual hospital and unique telemedicine project which provides a virtual medical consultations, appointments and treatment related services to Czech and Slovak patients by the team of 40 General Practitioners, over 200 Medical Specialists and almost all cooperating healthcare facilities in the country. Tomaš’s mission is to utilize his medical and digital skills, knowledge & experience in order to develop both Health and e-Health systems that push the boundaries of conservative view and improve daily lives & health of people & patients. Working also in an international humanitarian environment helps him to be more open-minded, see whole complexity and be proud member of wide network of all around the globe experts.

Ondřej Vaněk

Ondřej Vaněk is a co-founder and CEO of Blindspot Solutions, a company helping others to harness the power of artificial intelligence by designing and implementing tailored software solutions. Ondrej is fascinated with new technologies, their impact on business and society, and he enjoys working with his team to digitize the world. Outside of working hours, Ondrej struggles to keep his running pace on a reasonable level, reads at least some of the most interesting books out there, and discovers the world with his wife Barbara and two daughters Julie and Anna.

Sara Polak

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