Politeia – democracy and AI

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The meaning of democracy and its relation to technology, how not to alienate non-technical people in companies, why it’s important to have digital literacy, and how we can use the safe space of technology to teach people critical thinking and morality. Show more…

Democracy – the ancient Greek concept we are still willing to die for today. What does it mean? Is knowledge power? And how about the creation of technological elites? How can we use AI to train morality? Are we about to witness a new world order thanks to technology? Are we reverting back to the ancient times of decentralised decision making through the technologisation of society? Join us for a bit of a philosophical, multidisciplinary chat with some of the best thinkers and product makers in the field.

Why should I watch the episode?

  • You feel the current system doesn’t work and you wonder how technology can help tweak it/change it
  • You wonder about the ethics of decision making
  • You want to go on a route of high level thinking 
  • You want to use technology more effectively in your company

What will be my take-home value?

  • How to democratise technological education for everyone in your company
  • The role of technology in relation to the state
  • How you can educate yourself to become more skilled with technology and navigate the world of the 21st century better

Who are the guests?

Tomáš Mikolov

Tomáš Mikolov has been involved in programming since he was eight years old, and at the age of ten he took part in a mathematical olympiad with his own computer program. He graduated from the Faculty of Information Technology at the Brno University of Technology. As a diploma thesis, he defended language modeling using neural networks in a speech group at BUT. He found a new method of translating a language by converting words into numerical vectors, and thus managed to increase the performance of translators up to tens of thousands of times.

In 2010, he completed an internship at Johns Hopkins University with Freddy Jelinek, who worked for IBM in the 1970s and 1980s and is considered a pioneer of statistical models for speech recognition. Mikolov was the first to successfully use recurrent neural networks that can work better with word representation. He presented his work at conferences and on a five-month internship in Montreal with Yoshua Bengio, a well-known computer scientist and expert in artificial intelligence and deep learning. As a visiting scientist, he received an internship offer from the Microsoft Research team [3] and from there he was accepted into the Google Brain group, where using his discovery Word2Vec significantly improved and accelerated the work of the Google Translate translator. Since then, he worked at Google, Facebook, and has recently returned after a decade abroad back home to the Czech Republic to the CIIRC Institute to lead the research group Artemis focused on making breakthroughs in the area of Artificial General Intelligence‘

Elizabeth Dlha

Elizabeth Dlha is a Product Manager at Deepnote, a YC-backed startup building a collaborative notebook for data teams. She joined Deepnote as the first non-engineer in the San Francisco office, driving the go-to-market strategy and working with users to make their data more accessible and actionable using the platform. Prior to Deepnote, Elizabeth worked as a consultant and a Product Manager at McKinsey, developing advanced analytics solutions for McKinsey’s clients

Tomáš Houdek

Sara Polak

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