Fast forward – Business Application of AR/VR in 2022

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Futurescope episodes shed light on various aspects of XR application. The development has been superfast though over the last few months and is expected to be even more disruptive in near future thanks to the concept of “metaverse” (aka virtual world). Show more…

Therefore looking fast forward and discussing hot off the press hardware, XR apps and case studies will help you to stay up to date and perhaps to start your XR journey this year.

Martin Holečko and Luboš Malý will share their first hand experience, answer your questions and prepare you for “what’s next”

The episode will be LIVE in the Spatial and you can share your questions either upfront or during the event.

Why should I join the discussion?

  • XR Basics: developments in hardware, compatibility, companies involved, new capabilities you should start building
  • Learning & Development in XR: new opportunities, case studies, top apps to use in your company
  • Retail, Marketing and Brand Experience: news and direction, case studies, who to follow
  • Team Collaboration in XR: What do Meta, Microsoft, Google, Apple and other big players do? How about others? Journey to metaverse

Who are the hosts?

Luboš Malý

Luboš Malý has tried various roles from process engineering, through managerial roles up to global transformation projects. As an Innovations in Operations Director at the LEGO Group he focuses on utilisation of exponential technologies for making toys for the future generations of kids and adults. He co-founded the RedButton network whose purpose is to cultivate the environment in Czech and Slovak companies. Finally, he’d like to support sustainable shopping by the earthnest project. The marketplace directly contributes to Sustainable Development Goals by the UN. He changes organisations to organisms, employees to entrepreneurs and hierarchies to communities in his activities while connecting distant worlds of Virtual Reality, Robotics, Additive Manufacturing or Digitalisation with a sustainable and playful approach to work.

Martin Holečko

Martin Holečko is a visionary passionate about exploring how converging exponential technologies rapidly and profoundly change our lives and inspiring others to use them wisely to improve the world around us.

Currently Martin leads Future Port Prague, an international futuristic conference and festival focusing on exactly that. Since 2017, it has become a leading Central European gathering of innovators, enthusiasts, and leaders with 10k+ annual attendance.

Back in 1997 Martin co-founded Etnetera, today a group of hi-tech companies reinventing their clients‘ businesses for the digital age. He was also at the birth of VRgineers in 2016, the world’s leading producer of high-end VR headsets for professional use.

Martin’s secret weapons are imagination, creativity, and the ability to excite and lead others towards a bold vision. He is most inspired by inspiring others to dare to think big.

60 min | 1. 2. 2022 | Show: Futurescope

Kompetence: Digitalizace, Virtuální realita